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What is phimosis?

Phimosis (fi-mo-sis) is a condition where one’s foreskin is too tight, or the tip of one’s foreskin has narrowed and can’t be pulled back to expose the head of the penis.

What are the symptoms of phimosis?

Phimosis is often found in children or young adults, usually before puberty.
Boys and men with phimosis can have the following symptoms:

  1. Pain when urinating.
  2. Urinary retention (when the bladder is not completely emptied during urination)
  3. Urinary tract infections (UTIs)
  4. Skin infection of the penis.

Phimosis can cause one to experience severe pain when one has an erection or during sexual intercourse. It can also cause injury to the foreskin, leading to minor bleeding and infection. In these situations, one might need to be circumcised.

What causes phimosis?

Phimosis can happen after an infection or as a result of inflammation (Balanitis).

Phimosis can also happen after an injury that causes the foreskin to tear (called secondary or acquired phimosis). As the tear heals, scar tissue can make it more difficult for the foreskin to stretch. Scarring from BXO can also cause phimosis.

Phimosis Treatment in Mumbai: Borivali-Andheri

What treatments are there for phimosis?

Phimosis can treat with steroid creams, applied once or twice daily for a couple of weeks. If steroid creams don’t work, or the phimosis is severe, circumcision might be the best option. If a one has phimosis, he should also be checked by doctor for balanitis, BXO, diabetes, and penis cancer.

What is Para Phimosis?

Paraphimosis (pa-ra-fee-mo-sis) happens when one’s foreskin is pulled behind the head of the penis, and can’t go back to its original position.

If your foreskin stays in this position, it can cause pain and swelling and can stop blood flow to the penis.

This is a serious medical problem, and has to be treated immediately so that one avoid long-term damage to the penis.

What causes paraphimosis?

Para phimosis can be caused by an injury to the head of the penis. It can happen at any age, including infants if a parent pulls back the foreskin and either doesn’t, or isn’t able to, pull it forward again.

What is Para Phimosis?

What treatments are there for paraphimosis?

The first thing to do is to apply ice to the area to help reduce any swelling, and then try to move foreskin forward, using lubricant, to its usual position.

General Surgeon or Urologist can also inject certain medicines that reduce swelling. If the foreskin does not go back to its normal position, a surgeon may have to cut the foreskin to release it, or an urgent circumcision may be needed.

Phimosis Treatment in Mumbai Borivali-Andheri
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