Author: Dr Pradeep Shriyan

Penile Infection Prevention tips

Prevention Tips for Penile infections

In this detailed guide, we define the prevalent penile infections seen and share ways to prevent as well as heal from them effectively for men of all ages.

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circumcision surgery: prevention of infection

Circumcision Surgery: Prevention of infection

It’s normal to have some worries about proper care following Circumcision surgery. For a sensitive procedure like a circumcision, avoiding post-op complications is important.

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A woman having pain due to Hernia, tips on how to reduce risk of developing Hernia

How to reduce risk of developing Hernia

Hernias can be painful and, in some cases, require urgent surgery if severe complications emerge. So, taking suitable precautions to safeguard one's body against developing hernias seems sensible indeed.

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Fissure in ano vs Anal Fistula shown in graphical image where place of anal fissures is shown and place of anal fistula is shown.

Fissures in Ano and Anal Fistulas difference and Treatment

Many peoples are confused about the difference between these two issues. While both can cause similar symptoms like pain and bleeding, it’s important to understand what sets them apart.

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Recurrent Hernia treatment in Mumbai

Recurrent Hernia Treatment in Mumbai

Hernias occur when tissue or an organ bulges through a weak spot in an abdominal muscle and are usually repaired surgically. While the majority of hernia surgeries are successful, there...

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