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Short Frenulum Treatment in Mumbai Suburban

Short Frenulum or Frenulum Breve Specialist in Goregaon, Mumbai

What is Frenulum (of penis)?

Frenulum is an elastic band-like skin that connects the foreskin on the penis to the glans of the penis.

The purpose of this elastic band is to facilitate smooth movement of the foreskin onto the glans and behind it. This allows the foreskin to retrace when the penis is erect.

What is a short frenulum or Frenulum Breve?

Typically, this frenulum is long enough to allow the movement of the foreskin without causing any pain but when the frenulum is small, movement of the foreskin will be restricted. Severe pain can be experienced when the foreskin tries to go behind the head of the penis. Such a condition is called Short Frenulum or Frenulum Breve.

What are the common conditions and disorders that affect the penile frenulum?

Conditions that can affect the frenulum of the penis include:

Frenulum breve:

This common condition happens when the frenulum is short. If it’s short, the frenulum can tear and bleed during vigorous sexual activity. If frenulum tear often, Surgeon or Urologist may suggest surgery to either make the frenulum longer or to remove it. Patient may also have problems keeping the area under your foreskin clean.

If your penis frenulum tears often, it can form white scar tissue.

Frenular chordee:
This condition is another one related to a short frenulum. The short length of the frenulum can cause the head of your penis to bend downward, which is what “chordee” means.

This condition refers to painful intercourse.

With this condition, your urethral meatus isn’t in its usual place. Hypospadias is often associated with a missing frenulum.

Premature ejaculation: Researchers are trying to determine whether a short frenulum can cause premature ejaculation and if a surgical procedure could help.

Treatment for Short Frenulum Problem:


Threading a suture and tying a knot on the broken skin, so that once the injury heals, the broken frenulum falls off. This is a non-invasive technique.


This procedure is a variation of a circumcision that doctors try first on patients with a tight frenulum (the tissue between the head of the penis and the underside of the penis). This can cause pain or bending during an erection. If this is the case, doctor may perform a frenuloplasty to change length of the frenulum of the penis and ease the restriction.

This procedure usually involves removing the frenulum or lengthening it, depending on the case. Removal of frenulum may be done using typical surgical methods or by advanced laser technique which involves minimal blood loss.


This is done by making an incision in the frenulum, then stretched to length and then stitched to close. After healing, frenulum will be long enough to accommodate easy movement of the prepuce of the penis. (foreskin). This is an outpatient procedure usually involving 30 minutes and performed under local or general anaesthesia.


The process of removing the foreskin on the penis. There are several techniques used to perform this procedure including famous stapler or laser circumcision.

Short Frenulum treatment in Mumbai

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