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What is a Spermatocele

A spermatocele is an often pain-free benign cyst that occurs close to a testicle. It may also be known as a spermatic or epididymal cyst.

The cyst forms in the epididymis. The epididymis is a coiled tube behind each testicle. The cyst is filled with fluid and may contain dead sperm.

Spermatoceles are benign and only appear in the scrotum.

If the cyst grows too large, you may feel discomfort or pain in the testicle. You may also experience heaviness, as well as a feeling of fullness in the testicle.

A mass in your scrotum could signal another issue as well.

Treatment options for Spermatocele


A Surgeon will use a needle to puncture the spermatocele and then drain the fluid.


Spermatocelectomy is the most common treatment for a symptomatic spermatocele. The aim is to remove the cyst from the epididymis while, at the same time, preserve the genital system. Sometimes part or even all of the epididymis may need to be removed along with the cyst.

Spermatocele treatment in Mumbai Suburban

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